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How to use Synapse X

The features you can use in the Synapse X user interface, as well as the choices you can enable or disable, are described in this section on general usage.

Let's first examine the Synapse X Cracked user interface's design.

Synapse X User Interface

With its strong features and user-friendly user interface, the Synapse X is made to enhance your experience. The image below depicts the user interface and its features.

Execution Tab

You may open numerous scripts simultaneously in the Synapse X UI thanks to the Tab Controller. The Ctrl+O shortcut key or the Open File button can be used to open a file, and if it is edited in the editor, a star will display to show that the file has been modified from its original contents. This tab controller also has other handy capabilities.

It also offers some helpful features, like -

You can hit Ctrl+S to save the file back to disk.

The 'Quick Scripts' feature of Synapse X allows you to install any script in the scripts folder and have it automatically appear in the user interface after installation. The script can then be run by using the right-click to load it into the editor.

Additionally, the Autoexec folder will run if Synapse X is attached or you are transported. Custom global functions and other scripts that must always be run while performing attachment can benefit from this.

Options Tab

You can customize a number of parameters in Synapse X's options tab, which are described in more detail on the next page.

Synapse X Options

The options tab allows for a number of settings that enable particular unique features or security measures in Synapse X.

Unlock FPS

Through the Unlock FPS option, you can increase the client's FPS from 60 to your monitor's refresh rate. This makes the game look lot cleaner and can easily support higher frame rates on 120/144/240 Hz monitors.


Both AutoAttach and AutoLaunch are options that can automate the attaching procedure for you and serve comparable functions.

When the UI is open, AutoAttach will only ever attach the Synapse X. It is also simple and occasionally works better on some machines. The AutoLaunch option, however, provides a number of advantages over the AutoAttach option, which are listed below.

When you access the UI, AutoLaunch replaces the launcher with a unique one created by Synapse X rather than connecting Synapse X every time.

Internal User Interface

A key component of the game is an internal user interface. When this is turned on, pressing the INSERT key on your keyboard will cause the user interface to appear. The AutoLaunch option will let you access the internal UI without launching the default one if you use this functionality.

Close File/Clear Confirmation

These are two simple yet advantageous options that prevent the tab controller script from accidentally starting or ending. If allowed, Synapse X will help you before performing those activities.

Legacy UI

Many users prefer the more conventional UI method since it allows for more thorough theming customisation and enables for window recompilation.

Editor Theme

You can change the theme that is active in the script editor using the editor theme. Pick the one that best suits your needs.


That compiles the general Synapse X usage pattern. You must then move on to the development introduction if you need to create your own scenarios. We sincerely hope you like Synapse X and all of its features.