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Synapse X

The scripting engine Synapse X is an effective tool that is able to execute all Roblox scripts.

What is Synapse X?

About Synapse X

You can inject scripts into Roblox using Synapse X. Since it is fully undetected, your Roblox account cannot be suspended. The fact that it is now provided for free is fantastic news for all of the Roblox exploiters out there. Get it right away to begin injecting scripts!

Supported features
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Is it safe to use Synapse X?

Because Synapse X Cracked was created by WeAreDevs, you can rely on its security measures. Other antivirus programs may mistakenly identify the software as a virus because of its nature. Disable your antivirus software and add the Synapse X to your whitelist. Safe as most trusted Aimbot Roblox

Why does it occasionally crash upon injection?

If the application keeps crashing on injection, please exit the game and wait 30 seconds before starting it again. Occasionally, it takes a few tries to get it working again, however rebooting your computer can also help.

Synapse X is crashing during the game. Why?

Some scripts consumed too much RAM, which caused the game to crash. For instance, the fly script uses too much RAM, which eventually breaks the game. Many scripts can't be supported for an extended period of time. You can try to use another great executor Kiwi X.

Why does the Windows Store version of the game not support it?

Because it was developed exclusively for the website version of the game engine, it does not function with the Windows Store version of the game. The Windows Store version will not work with it. If you want windows executor you can try Delta Executor for PC, that works without issues.

Why does it say game engine version mismatch?

It states as such because Synapse X must be updated due to the game's weekly or more frequent upgrades. The developer who created Synapse X releases an update every hour. The longest possible wait period for an update, though, is occasionally six hours. If after six hours you still don't receive any update notifications, there is a problem with your Synapse X that prevents it from receiving the update. Typically, this is due to your firewall or anti-virus, and if you turn off your anti-virus, you will be able to download a Synapse X update once more.